The Earth Genome


The environment
is changing fast.
We make sense of it.

The Earth Genome
makes environmental
data accessible
and actionable.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we are committed to furthering human understanding of our changing planet by collecting, organizing, and sharing environmental data.

Who We Are

We are a cross-disciplinary group of data scientists, researchers, environmentalists, technologists, and creatives.

Our quest: to learn how the environment is changing.

What We Do

We reveal insights to inform
the way markets interact with
natural resources by making environmental data accessible and actionable.

Why It Matters

It is essential for leaders to understand the environmental tradeoffs in market transactions.

We inform decision making and help scale investment in transformative nature-based solutions.

Our Team

The Global Dashboard

Steve McCormick

CEO / Moore Foundation,
The Nature Conservancy

The Global Dashboard

Keith Arnold

President / The Nature Conservancy

The Global Dashboard

Glen Low

Co-Founder / UC Berkeley,
Blue Sky Consulting,
Bain & Co.

The Global Dashboard

Dan Hammer

Data Science / White House, Google X, NatGeo, NASA, WRI

The Global Dashboard

Glynis Lough

Operations / NatGeo, US Global Research Change Program, Union of
Concerned Scientists

The Global Dashboard

Hutch Ingold

Technology / Planet, Boundless Geospatial

Our Team

The Global Dashboard

Edward Boyda

Data Science / St. Mary’s College, Rhodes Scholar, Oxford University

The Global Dashboard

Caleb Kruse

Machine Learning / Leap Motion, NatGeo, Stanford

The Global Dashboard

Zoe Statman-Weil

Data Engineer / Impact Observatory

The Global Dashboard

Stephen Downs

Design / UC, TSG Consumer, Ruder Finn

The Global Dashboard

Krishna Karra

Data Journalist / The New York Times, ProPublica, Cooper Union

The Global Dashboard

Mason Grimshaw

Data Science / MIT

Our Team

The Global Dashboard

Scott Quill

Editorial / EXOS, Adidas, Google

The Global Dashboard

Clare Keating

Product / Save Our Seas Foundation, Brown University

The Global Dashboard

Maria Edwards

Operations / National Geographic

The Global Dashboard

Bronwyn Agrios

Product / NatGeo, Astro Digital, Esri

The Global Dashboard

Bryce Cracknell

Storytelling / Participant, UCLA

The Global Dashboard

Daniel Siegel

Geospatial Data Engineer / Jupiter Intelligence, Esri

Indexing Earth

A search tool for the environment.

Optimizing Groundwater Recharge

A platform to map groundwater.

Measuring Plastic Waste

An app that tracks global plastic pollution.

Reporting from Space

A fresh perspective for climate journalists.

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